Does Automotive Preventative Maintenance Really Help?

When it comes to maintenance for your vehicle depending on who you ask, you may find different views on what is necessary to keep your ride running in tip top shape. We here at Tom’s can look up your scheduled mileage maintenance to keep your vehicle running great.

How To Keep My Vehicle Happy? Motorvac Carbon Clean Service is something that we commonly recommend to older and higher mileage vehicles to improve emissions, fuel consumption, engine performance and overall drive-ability. As maintenance on a newer vehicle a motorvac is recommend every few years Over the life of your vehicle. Engines can collect carbon deposits in areas that typically only a full engine disassembly and rebuild would be able to remove.
Why Keep Up On Oil Changes? Regularly changing a car’s engine oil is necessary to ensure proper engine function as well as to ensure that a vehicle engine lasts for as long as possible. Oil changes remove old dirty engine oil to be replaced with clean fresh engine oil.
Why Should I Service My Transmission? Transmission fluid is a lot like engine oil, in that it helps lubricate and protect components from damaging wear.
Why Service Your Cooling System? Servicing your cooling system involves draining and/or flushing your car’s cooling system and then replacing the old coolant with fresh coolant. Your coolant is operating in a hot, hostile environment, which will cause your coolant to break down over time. Most importantly, the coolant’s rust inhibitors get used up, leaving the small cooling passages in your engine and radiator vulnerable to corrosion. Even with these rust inhibitors, some corrosion will inevitably take place, contaminating the coolant with debris.
Why Service Your Brakes? Friction from the brakes functioning will cause heat and dust. As the brake pads wear brake performance diminishes and heat can damage your bakes. Normally brake system and fluids are checked during your vehicles regular scheduled oil change. Normal Stop & Go driving as well as driving on dirt and gravel roads can take a heavier toll on your brakes.

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