Failed Emissions? We can help!

Before making emission related repairs with us here at Tom’s we recommend taking your vehicle through an Applus test station. By taking this step first if your vehicle does fail emission you are able to qualify for a waiver if needed.

What is a Waiver?

A waiver may be obtained at any Applus test station if an ecology authorized emission specialist (AES) like us here at Tom’s Performance Machine and Auto Repair has repaired the vehicle after the initial test failure.

  • Please bring your failed emissions sheet with you to your appointment for our certified emission specialist to sign and date.
  • You will need to provide to the Applus test station an itemized receipt from us showing diagnosis/repairs done to fix the emissions failure. Applus test station requires at least $150 was spent on emission diagnosis/repairs.
  • Your 2nd test within 365 days of the first test done is free at your Applus test station. If you have any questions refer to the brochure given to you when the vehicle failed or give us a call.


All vehicles with missing or tampered emission control equipment cannont be waived

What can I do to help my vehicle pass emissions?

  • Be sure vehicle is fully warmed up, we recommend 15 minutes of freeway driving before going to a station.
  • Always keep your vehicle running while you wait for the test.
  • Always turn off your radio and air conditioning before the test.
  • If your vehicle has recently had a dead battery or thebattery has been disconnected,drive it for at least a week before testing.

Where Can I get a local emission test?

  • East Vancouver: 1121 NE 136th Ave – 360.254.2173
  • West Vancouver: 14110 NW 3rd Ct – 360.574.3731

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